Matthew Stoddard - Vice President

Matthew is currently a full-time student at NC State University working toward his B.S. degree in Business gaining knowledge of business operations that will be valuable to the rescues efforts to run an efficient rescue.  Matthew has been a reptile enthusiast and owner from an early age and when he met founder, Zach D'Alessio, in early 2011, and heard about Zach's rescue efforts, he jumped at the chance to help his cold-blooded friends who often get overlooked in favor of the more conventional pets.  Since joining Zach, Matthew has learned a substantial amount about the care and treatment of many species of reptiles and has worked with everything from your common green anole, to the more exotic reticulated python, and even a few venomous snakes.  He is currently in the process of being certified for wildlife rehabilitation through NCWRC. 

Matt, like all rescue members, is responsible for surrendered animals.  Matthew is the R.R.O.T.C.'s financial director and does his part to ensure that the rescue is on top of their game.  He also is responsible for all adoption procedures.

Matthew Stoddard can be contacted by way of email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .